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Performance Benefits

ADI castings are increasingly displacing steel forgings and castings, welded fabrications, carburised steel, and aluminium due to superior performance:

Strength comparable to steel: Because of its equivalent strength, nearly 80% of all cast and forged steels can be replaced with some grade of Ductile Iron or ADI.

Weight per unit strength

Lower density than steel: The relative weight per unit of strength of ADI allows economy in design without loss of performance. For a given shape, an ADI component will be 10% lighter than steel.

“Lighter” than aluminium: ADI is three times stronger than the best cast or forged aluminium and weighs only 2.5 times as much. Because it is twice as stiff, a properly designed ADI part can replace aluminium at a weight saving.

Excellent fatigue strength:
ADI’s dynamic properties exceed those of forged, cast and microalloyed steels. Unlike aluminium, ADI’s endurance limit remains nearly constant after tens of millions of cycles.

Noise comparison

Improved noise damping: The presence of graphite in the ADI matrix improves noise damping, for quieter, smoother running components.

Superior wear and abrasion resistance: ADI’s abrasion resistance exceeds that of conventionally processed steels and irons at a lower ‘bulk’ hardness level. Unlike carburised steel, which loses wear resistance as the carburised layer is removed, ADI improves in service. Wear resistance is superior to steel at any given hardness level, making it ideal for earth moving and other high abrasion applications.

Design Assistance
To help realise the benefits of ADI in your manufacture, we would be pleased to explore any design opportunities with you. We can advise on all aspects of engineering with ADI including: alloy selection, foundry practice, dimensional stability and machining. We can discuss potential applications and perform material and cost analyses to help you justify selection of ADI for your products.

We also invite you to visit our operations where we can demonstrate the process and our ISO9001:2008 credentials.

Contact us today and find solutions with ADI.

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