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Integrated Management System Policies & Scope
March 17th, 2016

ADI Quality Manual PAS 99 Issue 06

Company trading terms and conditions
November 11th, 2015


PASsed again
January 27th, 2014

As a part of the corporate continuous improvement programme ADI Treatments has integrated its management systems of quality, health, safety […]

Laboratory Developments
July 13th, 2012

ADI Treatments Ltd has always had the technical metallurgical expertise and knowledge to operate an in house laboratory.  The company […]

ADI Technical Session, held at Azterlan (Durango) Spain
March 12th, 2012

Mr Simon Day and Dr Arron Rimmer were recently invited to take part in an ADI Technical Session arranged by […]

ADI market development 2012-2013
December 8th, 2011

European production of Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI) castings continues to recover in 2012, according to specialist heat treaters ADI Treatments […]

ADI Treatments announce PAS99 certification
April 5th, 2011

ADI Treatments have achieved PAS99 the specification for integrated management systems.  The specification was certified by BSI on 5th April 2011. This completes […]

New controlled atmosphere annealing capacity
June 6th, 2009

Business Development Director Dr Arron Rimmer today announced that ADI Treatments has installed and commissioned additional annealing plant bringing weekly […]

First OHSAS18001 certification in Contract Heat Treatment
May 27th, 2008

ADI Treatments, is once again leading its sector by gaining what is believed to be the first certification in the […]

7 tonne ‘behemoth’ announced
August 20th, 2007

ADI Treatments announced the commissioning of the world’s largest operational furnace for batch austempering.  This customer demand lead investment in the […]

Environmental accolade for ADI Treatments
March 23rd, 2007

West Bromwich based heat treatment specialist Simon Day, Managing Director of ADI Treatments announced today that his company had received […]

ADI in large diesel engines
November 30th, 2006

In October and November 2006 the Foundry Trade Journal published an article about the use of ADI in large diesel […]

Furnace is key to CADI solutions
March 1st, 2006

In March 2006 the Foundry Trade Journal published an article about CADI.  The article can be downloaded from the following […]

New ADI facility expands opportunity for EU foundries
July 28th, 2005

ADI Treatments Ltd has recently installed the world’s largest sealed quench Austempering furnace. The new facility, costing more than £1M, […]

Wind turbines propel major invesment in ADI
October 12th, 2004

ADI Treatments Ltd is expanding production by more than 50% with a £1M investment in new furnaces to process Austempered […]

ADI sets new standards
August 2nd, 2004

Working increasingly with first tier automotive and components manufacturers, ADI Treatments Ltd recognises the need to offer the best contemporary […]

UK – USA co-operation expands ADI markets
August 2nd, 2004

ADI Treatments Ltd is celebrating its 5th anniversary with a strong business outlook. The company, based in West Bromwich, UK, […]

ADI materials seminars
August 2nd, 2004

Dr Arron Rimmer of ADI Treatments Ltd, West Bromwich, recently visited Germany and South Africa to conduct seminars on Austempered […]

ADI solutions aid vehicle design
March 1st, 2004

In March 2004 the Foundry Trade Journal published an article about ADI’s use in modern vehicles.  The article can be […]

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